These are some campaigns I have directed.


The Kindr campaign for Grindr.

In an attempt to make the Grindr app a more inclusive a positive place of connection, we launched the Kindr campaign. Kindr was a content marketing campaign that featuring social media assets, video content and a microsite. The objective of the campaign was to promote Grindr’s new Community Guidelines, centered around protecting users from discrimination and harassment within the app.

This campaign was launched overnight and produced with limited resources and a small, scrappy team. The concept was to create videos featuring Grindr users and influencers discussing five topics: Sexual Racism, Body Shaming, Trans Inclusivity, Femme Shaming and HIV Stigma. 

Over the course of 3-4 weeks leading up to the release of the episodes, we released a social media teaser video each week and managed to garner over 10 million impressions on our teaser content alone. In each episode, some of the 30 users (cast) shared incredibly powerful, many times heart-wrenching and altogether inspiring stories about their experiences with discrimination within the LGBTQ community. Along with the photoshoots and videos, we created authentic messaging to encourage users to “play nice.” Over the course of three days we shot 30 separate interviews. 

I directed all of the videos and helped guide in pre and post production. 

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The West Hollywood AIDS Monument.

I worked as Creative Director for Wondros creative agency to guide and shape the experiential aspect of visiting the future West Hollywood AIDS Monument as well as shaping the digital version of the monument. Through months of ethnographic interviews and community interfacing, we determined the best course of action to engage people from West Hollywood and beyond. It was my recommendation to create a digital monument timeline for people to contribute their stories and engage with others. Together with a team of designers, we worked to bring this vision to life. We also kick started the content for the monument by creating short form videos to live on the timeline.

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