Rocco has been educating kids and young adults about the power of the written and spoken word since 1999. He has been educating people about identity and the intersectionality of identity and arts since 2004. He continue to educate, lead workshops, lecture and give motivational talks. He has visited well over 70 colleges in the US. Here are a few of the workshops he offers:

Trans 101 ➤ This is an introduction to understanding the complexities of a transgender identity. We review essential vocabulary and terminology, tips for talking with a gender non-conforming person and how to be a good ally. We discuss medical care, the psychological, emotional and physical process of transition, as well as the transition process for family, friends and intimate relationships. We also give a more in-depth and thorough explanation of an individual experience, routed in our personal journey and stories from our lives. This workshop includes group activities and exercises with an  emphasis that gender is experienced by all people. We close the lesson with an extensive question and answer session. 

Trans 102 ➤ This workshop is a graduated, more in-depth version of its predecessor. The focus is two fold: to emphasize the importance of the role of an ally and to give a solid foundation of information and understanding.  We will briefly review all of the basic information from the 101 lesson, then working directly with workshop attendees to assess the level of needs for improvement to the campus, classrooms and dorm life. 

Campus Strategies ➤ Instead of a traditional lesson-based program, this workshop is a facilitated discussion and encourages true learning by active audience participation. We will discuss the specific needs of your prospective and matriculated trans students by working with the existing student body, faculty and staff to develop strategies for a trans friendly campus.The aim and focus of this workshop is to create a practical and easily implemented plan that meets the basic needs presented by a student of trans experience, including health care needs, bathroom and housing safety, correct name pronoun usage in class, among others. We have conducted this workshop for many years on even more campuses, resulting in real and concrete changes that better the lives and experiences of trans students.